My Self Care Weekend Routine

Howdy Sunshine, My weekend is the most important time of the week. My weekend routine makes the rest of the working days easier and more productive, It is like resetting your life and put together every weekend.

We all need a reboot at some point in time in life so why not the weekend. Mindful weekend routine planning will help you relax your body and mind all together also avoid the rush on weekdays. Furthermore, you wouldn’t feel wasted on the weekend but the feeling will be contented.

Our lives are anyways filled with so many chores and work, family, bills, and the list goes on.

So here is my weekend routine to help you plan your weekend routine.

  • Wake up routine 

My wake-up time is fully dependent on my body. I would prefer to sleep a long time and wake up around 9 to 9 30. Stretch in bed for a while to fully wake up my body and feel grateful for the sleep. The first thing on my list goes as usual to my daily routine, make my bed clutter-free and organize my room.

  • Something for soul

Once fully wake up, I would do something to relax my soul and mind which would be mostly listing podcast or influencing videos while hydrating my self. The next on the list is to make healthy Indian chai for the soul while listing to Podcasts.

  • Breakfast 

Along with chai, It would be breakfast time. Weekends are mostly a cheat Meal for me therefore it would be anything like samosa, paratha, bread pakoda, poha Etc. The breakfast times are mostly longer than weekdays as it is “Me Time” as well.

  • Productive Hour 

I am always very energetic and become productive after my morning breakfast and long sleep hours to do something productive and important which was not on the list on weekdays. It includes bill payment, post plans, budget plans, news, online shopping for must-haves, Etc.

  • Cleaning

After the long 5 days of the week, there will be clutter in the cupboard, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, So cleaning plays an essential role on weekends.

  • Body Care

After Cleaning, it is definitely skincare, haircare, and body care time. Interestingly, It’s more of self-care time for me as it gives a soothing feeling when able to care for my body and spend time with myself. Weekend routine helps me to spend time with myself and who doesn’t love that.

  • Exotic Lunch 

After getting all dolled up, It will be a happy hour for me to eat a nicely made lunch and feel good along with something nice to watch on Netflix.

  • Rest time 

Weekend afternoon naps are world-class, It makes even better once my room and heart and body are cleaned, zzzzzzz.

  • Family Teatime 

Once well-rested, It is time for amazing Indian chai time, along with your loved ones, nothing can bit that. Classic time for me.

  • Grocery Shopping/ Dinner date

Mostly get dressed up and go on grocery shopping or on a self date, or spend time outside to feel free and relaxed.

  • Movie and unwind 

Weekends are the most relaxing time to spend time in my bed and watch something interesting and unwind the night.

  • Wind Up Day 

Time for bed after shower with light soothing music.

Let us know your weekend routine and idea in the comment box.




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