Healthy 7 AM Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Howdy sunshine, The practice of a healthy 7 AM morning routine will help increasing productivity and reduce stress.

I have become more mindful and more focused on my own health and mindful morning routine every month this year.

I am more productive, organized, and efficient in my work also have become calmer, more positive, and less stressed human as a result.

Here are some of the simple steps you can take towards a healthy 7 AM morning routine.

How to start your 7 AM healthy morning routine

  • Stretch your body in bed

Getting up and moving doesn’t help you to put you in good mood but try staying in bed for 5 minutes before you wake up and stretch your body in the bed. This way you will be able to wake up your body gently.

  • Make your bed

Make your bed so you will be active and your bed will not call you to sleep again also this will help you to avoid lazying around on your phone.

  • Tide up your space with light music

Put on some light music and open up your room curtains for sunlight and ventilation. Tide up your space by cleaning the last night’s mess, but the things where it belongs to have the cleanroom.

  • Hydrate yourself with a Morning Drink

Hydrate yourself with a healthy lemon juice drink or hot water to hydrate your body to drive the entire day with energy and the best ingredient is lemon to do so.

  • Exercise or 10-minute yoga

Do some light yoga or pilates, Surya namaskar, lunges, or scots to move your body to start moving around. This will give your a glow and burn your extra fat and boost your metabolism.

  • Meditate

Meditate will make you feel good emotionally and physically. Also enhances activity in the area of your brain that’s associated with positive emotions and experiences.

  • Brush your teeth

Brust your teeth with agaro electric brush or any brush. use tung cleaner and mouth wash for a fresh feeling.

  • Shower

Planning out the day ahead in the tub or shower (rather than dashing around) does make the whole day feel more smooth running and level, and less like a list of chores that need to tick off.

  • Skin Care

By including skincare in your healthy morning routine will clean your skin till protection by sunscreen. It’s important to take the time to prep and protect it for what’s ahead.

  • Prepare for your healthy breakfast

Morning breakfast is a must and dieticians also recommend heavy to moderate morning breakfast. you can consider oats, Indian cheela, fruits, sauteed veggies, herbal tea.

  • Eat your breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast while listening to podcasts or reading anything interesting to lighten the morning mood.

  • Make a to-do list for the day

A To-do list gives you a sense of progress and achievement, something you’ll lack if you’re always rushing from one task to the next. If you feel a sense of achievement, it spurs you on and motivates you to keep moving forward.

Let us know your healthy morning routine in the comments box.


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