7 Types of Self-Care To Practice

Self-Care and types of self-care

Howdy Sunshine, Self-care is applicable in many areas of our life. It is more of a practice to change a life, to live more mindfully and lively.

You might wonder what is self-care anyway? We all have heard about the importance of self-care because we hear that all the time from all over the place.

It is a practice of taking steps to protect yourself, nurture, and improve in all aspects of life.

It is not about spending money and time on junk food or on unethical actions. It does not mean that you acquire habits that are not good for your well-being.

Here in this article, we will be presenting the importance of self-care and different types of self-care which can help you to enhance the quality of life with a tiny bit of focus on days to day activity.

Importance of Self-Care

Let’s understand why we need to sharpen self-care and its importance in human life.

We live in an age where being busy is considered a normal and progressive thing. We are always running from one activity to another. Our workdays are not limited to 9to5 now.

We are indulged more than what is actually expected from us. people around us need so much from our self and we forget that how much we need from our own self end of the day.

Moreover, we plan our weekend with jampacked activities, appointments, etc. We want to enjoy and do things that we are unable to do on weekdays due to long office hours, client-customers, difficult roles – responsibilities, and random meeting calls.

Even more, It is always like a marathon when we plan for a vacation, because we want to cover all nearby destinations when planning to take a trip to someplace.

Let’s take a pause here. check with yourself if you are tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed with your busy routine life.

If you are coming from this place, you need to include self-care in your busy and exhausting life.

Types of Self-Care

There are 7 different types and phycology to practice self-care in daily life

We will be discussing the self-care types along with how to practice them in day-to-day life with mindfulness.

  • Physical Self-care

Physical self-care is your body care, Your body requires pampering to improve your external appearance, also for your internal system

Try to practice a 10-minute exercise to remove the unwanted energy from the body.

Physical Self-care

You want to be mindful of a healthy way of living and considering healthy intake. you can start eating green veggies and also including regular skincare and body care.

  • Emotional Self-care

It is a way to look deeper into yourself to see how you feeling. You want to learn your inner feelings and thoughts, make a practice to always read deep inside when you can to nurture and care for your emotions.

Emotional Self-care

Your emotions reflect your expression and what is happening to you. Once you identify, master your emotions and strengthen them to look always on the positive side and best possible way.

  • Spiritual Self-care

Spiritual self-care doesn’t have to be religious but spiritual. It is said that your body is a temple of God.

Spiritual Self-Care

It is not connected to your mind or your ego and other consciousness but it is driven by your soul. To practice spiritual self-care you can start with 5-minute meditation, yoga, practice gratitude, attend a religious place to feel the divine energy, and just relax.

  • Social Self-care

Maintaining your bonding with your family, friends, your social circle is one of the aspects of self-care. We all are at different levels of need for connection including introverts.

Social Self-Care

Social self-care as connecting others is to care for yourself, charge yourself, enhance your wellness. It is also mean that you might be helpful for your friend and family. Therefore caregiver is also refreshing activity to feel good about yourself.

  • Mental Self-care

In recent times there are so many things that can imbalance your mental health and increase the level of anxiety.

Phycological self care

In fact, the smallest thing like watching the news or going through social media can affect your mental health. To practice mental self-care take a rest day like a stress-free day.

  • Intellectual Self-care

This is a very interesting aspect of feeding your brain to process difficult areas. This type of self-care involves how you think and progress intellectually.

Intellectual Self Care

The practice involves podcasts with topics that inspire you and put you in a good intellect mood, It also includes watching the documentary, acquiring new skills, reading a book, reading the newspaper, and things that really feel you with information and new learning.

  • Environmental Self-care

Self-care involves how you think and care for your nature and environment.

It has to harmonize with reducing waste, spending time in nature, reduce chemical products, adapt organic products, Respecting nature, and maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Lets us know how you practice self-care in your day-to-day life.


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