The Ultimate Guide To Look Clean And Aesthetic

How to look clean

Howdy Sunshine, In recent times social media is intimidating as we encounter clean and aesthetic looks all over.

It is very much open to everyone that the filters, lights, and camera also plays a major role.

When you see the perfect-looking skin and aesthetic look you get attracted toward it and start stocking products that don’t even work for your skin type.

In reality, we really don’t need to focus on products and other things but the necessary and minimalist things that can inspire and give you a clean and aesthetic look from within and outside.

How To Look Clean And Aesthetic

Before we start, please keep in mind that looking clean and aesthetic is all about attention to detail.

1. Iron – Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Iron clothes and clean worn clothes are A-aesthetic and will also give you a fresh and clean look throughout the day. Ironing clothes will also increase the life span of the fabric and remove all the shrinkage and wrinkle

2. Minimal Makeup

Minimal makeup is key to intensify your look natural with no major efforts, time, and most importantly money. Use products that you actually need and avoid overdoing to heighten the look. 

3. Short- Simple Jewellery

Short and simple jewellery will look clean and aesthetic as it is a warm undertone. It will give space to your skin to look more elegant than heavy.  

4. Groomed Eyebrows

Groomed eyebrow will automatically change your face look. It is also near to your eyes which is the first place people would look. therefore you want to give attention to eyebrows for a clean and aesthetic look.

5. Short nails – Neutral Color Nail Polish

Everyone going blind behind acrylic long nails, Girl you don’t need that. I would say it is extra effort and not even hygienic when comes to cleaning and stuff. In case you want to go for long acrylic nails use light undertone nail paints or just keep it short and apply neutral color polish

6. Exfoliate Face And Body

It is very important to exfoliate as the pollution is increased and your body tends to accumulate dirt and debris under the skin. You want to clean your body and face thoroughly. 

7. Freeze – Free hair

Freeze frees hair is something you want to keep throughout the day so keep a wooden comb in your bag and comb your hair n between. You definitely want to trim your split ends and choose hair colors that are fresh & suit your skin tone and face cut. In case your hair color is faded reapply or change the color for a clean and aesthetic look 

8. Hydrate Inside-Out

Hydrating from the inside out plays a major role to feel clean and aesthetic. Bath regularly, infect take a bath twice a day. You should shower before going bad and measure the difference in your appearance. You will feel fresh and hydrated from outside. Everyone is ranting about staying hydrated so don’t give up on your H2o intake. 

9. Clean Shoes

Wear Clean shoes that are not too worn or old. Keep your clean and fresh for your feet.  you really don’t want your shoes to catch up moisture on leather or leather loss. On average clean your shoe every 2 weeks if you wear it often.

10. Moisturize Body

Moisturising will help to avoid skin problems and repair the skin from outer damage. Using daily moisturizer will fade the blemishes and will give an alike skin tone. You will have softer and help to increase elasticity in the skin also help to hydrate skin texture.

11. Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is nowadays a necessity due to high UV rays which damage skin from outside to inside. the UV rays are harmful to skin and sunscreen will help to protect that from the inside. It s recommended to apply sunscreen all over the body including the face, in fact, you should also apply light sunscreen if you staying home.

12. Eat Healthily

Healthy food is essential for nutrition intake which shields you against many chronic non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Eating a variety of healthy foods and consuming less salt, sugars, and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for feeling clean and aesthetic from inside out.

13. Good perfume

One of the main reason for the good perfume is it enhances your mood and give you clean and aesthetic feel. 

14. Use SPF Lipblam

Yes, you heard it right. SPF lip balm is essential for your to protect your lips from harmful full UV rays because your lips also lose the oil from your lips and get damaged due to sun rays. Protecting lips is as essential as your face skin to look clean and aesthetic.

15. Workout

Workout – running will keep you strong and boost your energy. If you are regularly working out your body will reduce the risk of developing the non-communicable disease. Regular workouts will improve your quality of life.

We still have options to look the way you want, try the above-mentioned ultimate guide to look clean and aesthetic with less money and less effort.

Let us know your holy grail to look clean and aesthetic.



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