AM To PM Routine For Combination Skin Type

Combination Skin Care

Howdy Sunshine, Remember everyone has different skin and product that works on your friend as butter can work for you as cactus.

You need to understand the skin type first to start with any skincare routine.

It really does not matter if you are working from home or going out for your work, You need to prioritize your skin because it is yours and going to be with you whatsoever.

Commonly, Skin types are recognized as an oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive.

Let’s understand combination skin in this article along with AM to PM routine.

Combination Skin Type

You might wonder what is combination skin and how to identify if your skin is a combination type. Here are the answers to your questions.

Combination Skin type is combined in two categories.

  • T Zone: This is your forehead, nose, and chin area.
  • C Zone: This is your cheeks and jawline area.

AM to PM Routine For Combination Skin

AM to PM skincare is as essential as your brushing and shower routine. Your routine will change your skin game and you will see the significant difference in your skin tone.

Please make sure that you do not have any irritating area or sensitive skin type. We would recommend you to follow a sensitive skincare routine if you have a sensitive skin type with the combination skin.

AM Routine

Let’s take a look at the AM/PM Routine along with affordable product recommendations.


Morning cleansing is required to remove all the bacteria that must have set on your face and you also want to remove moisturizer/creams from the previous night. You will need to use mild cleansing or face wash since we need to mind two skin type concerns for combination skin. Ready Steady Glow!

Pore Refiner

Pore cleansing is required to target the T zone area to clean greasiness and to avoid acne, blackhead, and whitehead around that area. A pore refiner will help to suck all the dirt and clean deeply and also close the large pores. You can skip this step or just use a very mild scrub if you do not have any major issues with your T Zone or if you do not have large pores. Healthy!


Serum, concentrator, and face oils are the products that contain key ingredients which can directly help your skin quality. Vitamin C oil or Glycerin base serum can help on combination skin. Serums will work on skin roots to increase the texture and also work as an antiageing. Shiny Like A Melody!


Moisturizer is something that you usually apply in your daily routine. However, you want to apply the right moisturizer which can work on your combination skin. The two zones need to meet in between with happy moisturizer. Combination Skin likes water, glycerin, or gel-based moisturizer. Fine Skin!


Sunscreen is a must for any skin type. You don’t want to get exposed to the sun after taking care of your skin and following the skincare routine. You need to close the skin with at least 15++ SPF to 30++ SPF. Gel-based sunscreen works wonders on combination skin types. Protect Like Gold!

PM Routine

PM routine is very important as you are going to take a beauty sleep and you do not want to miss out on a key product that can work on your skin throughout the night.

Double Cleansing

When we say double cleansing it includes makeup and morning skincare application residue. Fresh Like A New Baby!

  1. Cleansing Water/Cleansing Blam: This will help to clean make-up, oil and dirt.
  2. Face Wash: Once you have a clean surface, you can use face wash to clean it thoroughly.


Nighttime exfoliation will help to remove the dead skin which has been built up throughout the day.  Mild physical exfoliation will open pores to clean makeup particles or dirt from pores. It is important to exfoliate at night because if you get redness after scrubbing then you get night time to recover also you will have new skin cells and will not directly expose to the sun. Squeaky Skin!


Multi masking is something you can do alternative days for combination skin types. you want to use two different Mask/Face packs as we are targeting two different zones. You can use a clay base or charcoal base mask for the T zone area and for the C zone you can go for gel-based masking. Goodness Of Glowing!


Serum for the night is essential since, after cleansing, exfoliation, and masking your skin is ready for the deep layer on open pores and work thoroughly. Silky Skin!


Moisturizer will close the open pores and let the skin cell have the best of all the actions that you have done to save your face and will give you a nice supple smooth skin texture that you will crave touch. Feel That Softness!

Eye Cream

Eye cream is going to hydrate your under-eye area throughout your sleep. Under-eye skin is very thin and for the combination skin type, that area easily gets dry and also shows aging. You really want to give some hydration to avoid dryness and a dark circle. Bye, Bye Dark Circle!

Lip Balm

Lastly, Watch out for your lips. You can exfoliate your lips gently while exfoliating your face. You can also gently exfoliate while brushing to remove dead skin from your lips. Apply Lip balm or sleeping mask before going to bed This will help you to plump lips in the morning. Happy Smiling 🙂

We are very excited to hear from you about your AM to PM skincare routine.


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