Top 5 Facial Hair Removal Tool For Women

Facial Hair removal

Howdy Sunshine, Let’s just accept the fact that we are not really comfortable using any hair removal tool on the face. Don’t you agree that the threading is painful plus we get nervous about using a facial trimmer/remover?

We always visit our parlor “Didi” for the threading and waxing which is quite time-consuming and painful. Since the pandemic, We all have acquired some unique lifestyle and I believe facial hair remover can also be a part of DIY.

Top 5 Tools To Remove Facial Hair At Home

Here are 5 painless and quick tools to remove facial hair at home by investing one’s time.

Flawless Facial Hair Remover

Flawless facial hair remover is very handy and easy to use and it is not an epilator but a trimmer. The product comes with a USB cable, lipstick style trimmer along with the cap, and brush to clean.Flawless Facial Hair Remover review

You can slide the switch located on the side of the unit upward into the “ON” position and the inbuilt light will automatically turn on when in use. You should use it on clean and completely dry skin with no cream or cosmetic residue for the best result.

When you start using the product pull your skin tight and move in a small, circular motion. The skin might get little red immediately after use due to pressure and friction. This product is recommended especially for delicate areas like the upper eyebrow, lower eyebrow, and upper lips.

Tinkle Twinkle Facial Hair Remover

The product comes in three different passive color remover with the cap on the blades for protection. Product claims easy to handle but the blades are sharp and you need to be extra careful.Tinkle Twinkle Facial Hair Remover

Make sure you clean your face and keep it completely dry for the razor to slide it comfortably. Pull your skin upward tightly and start from the top of the face while sliding slowly downward. Reprocess it the same way on all over your face, also be very cautious while sliding on the face as you might get cuts due to sharp blades.

It glides nicely on the skin and removes the dead skin as well. You can use it on your wrist and hand area for better grip before using it on your face. This product is not suggested for smaller parts like the upper eyebrow and lower eyebrow.

Please do a patch test before using it on the face, not recommended to use it on sensitive skin.

Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000

Braun Face mini hair remover is very compact, easy to carry and it is not an epilator but a trimmer. The product comes with a AA battery, lipstick style trimmer along with the cap, brush to clean, and a 2-year warranty.Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000

You can clean the head by opening the lock after use and do not use water to clean it. The product is not recommended to use around the eyebrow area.

This is easy to operate on soft hair on the chin, cheeks forehead, upper lips, you can move in circulation mode around the targeted area for the best result.

Please do a patch test on your hands and wrist before using it on your face.

RYLAN Portable Facial Hair Trimmer

Rylan portable Trimmer comes with 2 in 1 form including eyebrows, upper lips, nose hair and also suitable for the large part of the area. You can charge it with a USB port which is provided along with the product.RYLAN Portable Facial Hair Trimmer

The product comes with two modes in eyebrow and body trimming to cover large parts to small parts. You can rotate the front part anti-clockwise to open it and change it as per requirement. The cutting heads are removable and washable.

Trimer is gentle on the face and does not pull, tug or cuts while using. This product is perfect for daily use and works for eyebrow, body, facial, armpit, bikini, nose & ears hairs. The inbuilt light gives good exposure to the area where you are shaving.

Please do a patch test on your hands and wrist before using it on your face.

Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer

The product comes with 2 sided inclined head, comb attachment, bikini head, 2x bikini head comb attachment, cleaning brush, and AA battery. Product runs on battery and ports are adjustable and changeable as per requirement.Veet Sensitive Touch Expert Trimmer

It is suggested to use 2 sided inclined heads to use for the small parts and a bikini head to cover large parts. The small and large comb attachment is provided to uniform the hair length. You can choose 2mm or 4mm modes and trim in the direction of hair growth.

Please do a patch test on your hands and wrist before using it on your face.

Let us know your on-the-go product to remove facial hair quickly and painlessly.

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