Top 10 Cheat Sheet to Keep Your Hair On Your Head

Howdy Sunshine, Hair Care is a widely explored area by many humans.

I am going to share my experience and solution to keep hair healthy for the long run.

You can save this cheat sheet on your desktop or on your phone if you are looking for an option to keep your hair on your head.

I hope this cheat sheet will help you to increase your hair health and growth.

There are so many product and activity in the market that claims that they work on your unhealthy hair.

However, I have covered most of the mistake and improvements that one should acquire to avoid hair fall or hair damage

1. Examine Your Scalp

This is important because most of us don’t know why they are facing hair-related problems.

Every individual has different hair scalp skin. If you think you need to consult a doctor for anything major issue, please do so. Again do not avoid the red signal.

2. Treat Your Dandruff Issues

Most of us have dandruff issues and that is something we can manage to resolve by using the appropriate products.

I would suggest understanding your scalp need, if it is dry don’t miss on your oils, if your scalp is too oily and produce oil within 24 hours after every hair-wash, make sure you wash your hair every alternative day to keep your scalp healthy and hygienic.

3. Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

I was someone who would wash hair every day for almost 4 to 5 years. My hair had no life and they became dry like a dry leaf.

When you wash your hair every day the hair scalp becomes too dry to produce oil which actually can work as natural oil to your hair.

This I recommend letting your hair produce a little bit of oil to nourish your hair without you doing anything.

4. Regular Combing

This is highly recommended to everyone who wants to grow their hair faster.

Combing is something that will give massage to your scalp and make a space to outgrow the ingrown hair.

Don’t forget to use your wooden comb every day twice, preferable to comb before sleep.

5. Oil Massage

At this point, I would say if you can’t do any of the above just pamper your hair with oil massage. Nothing can beat oiling.

In fact, I am a big fan of any organic oil hair massage. You might remember your mom would always insist on applying oil and she ain’t misguiding you, honey.

Few products suggestion : 

Organic Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil 

Trichup Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

6. Check Your Water Quality

This is something which is not everyone has to face.

Even though I would recommend you to check the water quality and the density of it.

Your major hair fall issue can be impacted due to hard water.

If you find a white surface on your showers or on your tap you might want to stop your hair washing with that water.

The alternative is that you can wash your hair with RO water or immediately replace your taps/showers with water softener equipment.

7. Use Premium Quality Hair Products

This might sound lame to you but trust me, your hair game will automatically change once you start using premium quality hair products.

You might have already invested tons of money experimenting with different products on your hair.

I recommend you to try products that are mild and contain the cleansing agent.

Few products suggestion : 

GK Global Keratin Moisturising Shampoo 

GK Hair Balancing Colour Protecting Moisturising Shampoo

GK Hair Taming System Juvexin Serum

GK Deep Conditioner

8. Trim Your Hair periodically

Trimming will abandon your deadends also the hair will look much healthier.

Trimming and cutting are two different things, Barber will start chopping your hair as soon as you give them permission.

Make sure you clear them that the work is to do trimming and not chopping like coriander.

You can also trim your hair at home if you don’t want to go out and explore the salon. Just ask your mom sister or someone who you can trust to trim a little bit every month.

9. Wooden Comb

Plastic combs are little unease with hair health, When you brush your hair with a plastic comb the elasticity of the hair gets a breakage and so your hair.

I highly recommend you to buy a wooden comb.

Product Suggestion : 

Tyaga Handmade Neem Wood Anti-Dandruff Combs

Vega CLassic Wooden Hair Comb

10. Stop Using Any Heat Product

You might have heard and read from all influencers on every platform that we should stop using heating products.

However, We all have a hairdryer tool that we always end up using in daily life.

Air dry is the best possible option. Although who doesn’t want to save time and energy 🙂

Let me know your Cheatsheet for healthier hair.


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