5 Consistent Face Care for Everyone

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Howdy Sunshine, I was always very naive in skincare and face care games. Over 10 years of experience taught me a lot of good and bad things. I have done a lot of experiments and understood that each part of our skin requires different pampering. We can bifurcate for each part of the skin and the simplest way is to keep one or two products for each skin part.

I have mentioned why it is important to be consistent and use any product that suits you but is sure to use it. While writing the article, I have kept one thing in my mind: this should not just apply to women but also to men who are eager to work for their own skin.

5 Consistent Face Care

I hope this one/two-minute work on your skin will change your endgame and fill confidence that you may be lacking in your life because of current face issues.

Eye Care 

Let’s start with something that anyone would notice first in you!

It is essential to remain hydrated under the eye area because it will automatically change the eye game! Hope you know that dark circles get built up due to a lack of water in our body. Wait, I am not suggesting that you drink 5-liter water and sit in the bathroom all day.
We penetrate our eyes so much with laptop screens, mobile screens, TV screens, and unhealthy sleep schedules. Therefore your first clever product in your skincare must be an Eyecare product. Applying light hydration around the eye area every day once or twice consistently to just inform them that you care. They will say thank you in return. you bet! You can use anything that feels light under and around your eyes (i.e., eye cream/gel/serum/patches).
Here are my few recommendations for Eye Care :

Lip Care

This is my treasure face care part “lips”.. Shhhh don’t tell anyone!
They are also as valuable as your eyes. Lips are something that can make you look dry within 4-5 hours if you forget them.. that’s why Chapstick has a role for most individuals to must-have in the bag. You are missing out on a very important part of your Face care if you haven’t kept it in your priorities.
There are so many options to take care of your lips, First would be gentle scrub after brushing every morning and the second would be to apply any lip care product,  again not very heavy but something light and wearable without getting noticed.
If you are not consistent and lose your Chapstick here and there then the best option is to apply a lip mask before sleeping. As per my experience, it works really well and keeps my lips hydrated and plump for more than 12 to 14 hours in the daytime.
Here are my recommendations to help you with your Lip Care :


This is usually curable within a week with a consistent full-face skincare regime.
Hyperpigmentation, dark spot, blemish, and acne scarring depends on skin to skin if you have a mild pigmented area due to any reason around your lips, side cheeks area, and forehead area then the easiest solution is to apply a suitable face pack every day (alternate day/twice a week as per your skin’s sensitivity).
Pigmentation issues arise due to multiple reasons but the main reason can be everyday exposure to the sun. For instance, if you apply a De-tan face pack or any face pack which can restore your skin every day then you will see the difference in your skin. Never lose consistency.
Sometimes if you apply nothing and not even going out considering the Covid situation there can be chances that your skin is unattainable and unhealthy. However, if you try and apply a face pack every day, you will be shocked when you discover how it makes all the difference. Our skin works on autopilot but you can not ignore the red alert.

Here are a few face pack and sunscreen recommendation :

Matra Haldi Chandan Ubtan Face pack
Raaga Professional Detan Removal Cream 
Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen


I am one of you, I am not consistent and can easily miss deadlines.
Whiteheads/Blackheads are stubborn and need you to work on it thoroughly. You want to work on them but they are so rigid that you need technics and that is perfectly fine. Blackheads/whiteheads are also easily curable at home without much time, You need to be very gentle with your blackheads/whiteheads if you using a removal rounder tool.
The easiest way is to use strips as they are not expensive and easily available in the market. This is one of the very important and primary elements in your face care game.
I have listed a few substitutes to choose :


Aging is divided into two categories one is natural aging and another is premature facial aging.
I have seen some people look the same as they were looking in their 20’s, there might be multiple reasons behind it but let’s not get into it. As we can not stop aging but we can definitely slow the process by taking extra measurements. Skin gets a lot of penetration and the Sun plays a major role thus start using a light moisturizer every day without fail. Face skin and chin skin is most delicate and thin skin area in the human body.
That skin area gets dry over a period also gets shrink by age. I would recommend not to overdo anything as it might not give a desirable result. You can at least start using sunscreen and Antiaging products.
Here are few options provided for your to start addressing your Aging issue.
Let us know your daily face care routines in the comment box below! Stay Safe, stay hydrated!


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  1. Very well written. Do you know if putting Ghee on Lips would help?

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      Yes, Anurag, That will be the easiest lipcare.

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